Our Story

All three Co-Founders were born and raised in London. Becoming mesmerized by vintage fashion and shoes at a young age began our journey in wearing and selling vintage, it became a way of life.

Online we offer free shipping worldwide on our Etsy platform, which we have up to 3000 items uploaded at a time. We are the only location in London that offers a second life for shoes. We buy and sell used and new sneakers. At DugOutVintage we offer a buy sell trade counter where we can pay you for your shoes and vintage clothes on the spot. The only place this is being done in London. We provide people with money or in store credit.

Environmentally we strictly ship in paper packages and have banned plastic bags from our store to fully complement our message. At DugOutVintage our sole purpose is to support sustainability and fashion while allowing the two to coincide.

My love for vintage clothing started at a young age with trips to the thrift store looking for back to school fits. In 2014 I began to pick up items with the intention of reselling them. As I continued to do this I learned more and more about the postive impact that buying used clothing has and made the swtich to vintage everything. At this time I became especially interested in vintage sneakers with their colour ways and unique aesthetic. After a few years I partnerned up with AgedGoods where I could expand my connections with the vintage community in Ontario. After about a year I left AgedGoods to do my own thing using the knowledge I had gained. Shortly after this I was contacted by Ethan and Cam and they shared their desire to bring the perfect vintage store and experience to London. A few months later and we launched DugOut Vintage.

I’m interested in all things 80s & 90s hip hop, metal, grunge, and everything standup comedy. My favourite shoes are hard to find colour ways that haven’t had many releases usually between 2000-2010.

I have always been eccentric in the way that I dressed and interested in the sustainable benefits of shopping second hand. In high school I sought after 90s bright colours and vintage sports gear. This passion turned into a job when Cam and myself started our own little Instagram page “theindividualiststyle”. Months later we met Aaron and his bright sneaker and vintage mind and the rest is history. At DugOut I am the scheduler and event coordinator. Between the three of us we wear a million different hats in the business. You can see me in daily operations spearheading the Etsy inventory and coordinating our sustainable merchandise operation.

From a young age I was always thrifting garments looking for something that would seperate me from the rest. I knew that I had to bring my eye for fashion to the world so I started by selling curated collections to other sellers. From there I teamed up with Ethan, and after a few months Aaron, and thus DugOut Vintage was born. My day to day at DugOut includes streamlining operations and building/ designing. With a lot of background work you can see me working in store on Thursdays.

"If it clashes, it flashes." (Cameron Geddes December 5, 2010)